BB-1 Buffalo Bill Coat - Made of buckskin. V-Fringe on front and back.
 Price $395.00
A-3 Frontiersman Coat Made of deerskin. Coat is unlined. With pockets and horn buttons. Price is $310.00
A-4 Cheyenne War Shirt with Beaded Rosette on bib $550.00-Without Rosette $280.00
 Beadwork designs may vary
A-83 Painted Medicine Shirt $745.00 Sleeves, front & bank painted with coup honor marks. Decorated with beaded strips & rosette, scalp locks, short fringe throughout.
V-1 Eldorado Vest
A-12 French Canadian Hudson Bay - $375
 4 Point Blanket Coat (also red with black stripe)
A-4 Beaded Cheyenne War Shirt - $550
 (without beadwork - $280
A-11 Hooded Capote Coat $375.00
 Available in white with multi strip or red
with black strip.
 Genuine Hudson Bay 4 Point Blanket
A-5 - Beaded Scout Shirt  $500.00
 without beadwork $280.00
 Slip over style with bottom natural shape of hide
A-8 Rifleman's Pants - $280
  A-14 Beaded Cheyenne Leggins $350.00
 Buckskin Fringed, tie thongs.
A-33 Painted Medicine Shirt $695
 *Southern Cheyenne Dress (beaded), White Leather- $720  Tan Leather - $600
 *Western Coat - $650 *Special Orders

Historic Hand Illustrated Catalog Available with over many other items, please contact us either by
phone or email to order your catalog.

$3.00 fee for catalog, reimbursed with your first order! 

Prices are subject to change without notice

Special Orders Available
 Beadwork designs may vary. Beadwork is 1 1/2" wide
 Blankets available (twin to king size)
 Shipping & Handling is extra - please contact for exact charges.



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